African Unity Health

African Unity Health is a 100% subsidiary of the African Unity Group. We're a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP 43066). As an administrator for both short- and long term insurance products, our primary focus is on the health insurance and assurance industry.
Over the years we have grown into one of the largest health insurance administrators in the country by focussing our efforts on client service and putting the needs of our clients first. We buy into the philosophy that creating mutually beneficial partnerships is more than a mere thought – it is what drives us. We deliver our products through a selected list of financial advisors that share our passion for excellence and know that the ultimate measure of success lies in the satisfaction of our clients. .

African Unity Health is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 43066). The African Unity Health product range focusses on two distinct markets, being the medical scheme market for gap cover products and the employed but uncovered market for workers plan products:

Gap cover

Focussed on the in hospital shortfall created between the amount covered by the medical scheme and the actual amount charged by medical practitioners for procedures.


Workers plan

A combined product that includes a hospital cash back plan, funeral cover, emergency medical transport and HIV counselling services.


Gap Cover

You may be under the impression that your medical scheme will pay the full cost of your hospital admission and while a lot of schemes pay 100% of the scheme rate, specialist, surgeons and anaesthetists charge way above the scheme rate. Your medical scheme may also impose co-payment or upfront deductibles for certain procedures.

The shortfall or gap between what the medical practitioner charge and what your medical scheme pays will be for your own pocket, unless you have a gap cover policy from African Unity Health of course. Statistics have shown that the average shortfall for 2014 was R4 650 with the highest paid shortfall being a staggering R147 633 for the removal of a tumorous tongue.

Recent Claims:
Medical Scheme Rate
Shortfall/ Gap
Birth by caesarean section
R18 900.00
R5 0234.70
R13 876.30
Muscle and tendon repair
R20 786.71
R13 507.30
R7 279.41
Acute sinusitis
R13 578.01
R8 958.12
R4 619.89
Bilateral laparoscopy
R3 552.80
R1 540.20
R2 012.60

We offer 3 options of cover depending on the level of cover you desire and this cover can be further enhanced with the selection of our oncology supplementary benefit.

For more information please contact one of our accredited financial advisors, or our Customer Care Centre. You can also download our brochures from the download page.

Workers plan

In our workers plan options, we have created a simple but effective employee benefit offered for employer groups to provide cover for those employees who simply cannot afford a medical aid. The workers plan options combines Emergency medical transport with a hospital cashback plan and a funeral benefit to ensure your employees get the medical assistance they need in an emergency situation while being financially supported should there be a need for hospitalisation, or worse.

Relieving the financial burden that lengthy hospital stays and funerals can put on employees, leads to better staff morale and increased productivity.

We offer a selection of ready made options, as well as standalone funeral cover. Company specific products can be tailored for large employer groups, unions and bargaining counsels.

For more information please contact one of our accredited financial advisors, or our Customer Care Centre. You can also download our brochures from the following links:

  • Family protector brochure
  • Funeral assistance brochure