African Unity

At African Unity, we are progressive in our thinking, yet calculated in the management of our clients. We believe in offering Financial Advisors and clients products that are agile, easy to understand and valuable in every sense of the word.

We believe there is a simple formula to creating a win-win relationship; a clear mission that is executed by an exceptional team, which will lead to satisfied clients. Our strength lies in the quality, diversity and adaptability of our products and services. We prefer to work in close collaboration with our partners and design products specific to their unique environments.

Our philosophy of creating mutually beneficial partnerships is more than a mere thought – it is what drives us. We know that our wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of our clients and partners.


More about us

African Unity Group is an investment company with a primary focus on investing in profitable businesses that operate in the financial services industry.

Our core areas of focus are:
• Long Term Assurance
• Health
• Distribution
• and Property

We are constantly investigating avenues of growth and are actively looking for opportunities in all of the above areas. Our philosophy is to acquire businesses with outstanding management who will continue to be actively involved in the business. One of our main drivers is to establish a solid synergy between subsidiaries to ensure mutual growth.


Directors of African Unity Group (Pty) Ltd

  • E.C. Kieswetter (Chairman)
  • L.R. Bester (CEO)
  • H.N. Lombard (Executive Director)
  • N. Roodt (Company Secretary)